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Decorating Home With Feng Shui

In human life, no matter how financial wealth we have, we always attracted to wealth, money and happiness. In China, people follow an ancient astrological method called Feng Shui to bring positivity, wealth and happiness. The term Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese method of architecture that involves maintaining our surroundings and environment with Feng […]

No time and space for gardening? Give a try to the indoor garden!

Do you live in a city with too many limitations that restricts you from setting up your own dream garden? Then indoor garden is something you must give a try! Do you love gardening? : People who live in cities also love to have their own garden like anyone of us do! That too in […]

Don’t Buy Ordinary Plant Pots Before Checking Out These Cute Animal Shaped Pots

You all love nature, Don’t you? Everyone would love to go on a vacay to place which is being surrounded with lush greenery all around the year, don’t you just love that? Though its practically not possible, you still love that feel! Nature and greenery brings in you a feeling of refreshment and peace they […]

Try These Lucky Bamboo Indoor Plants For Money, Health & Good Luck

Do you know there are some plants that are said to bring good luck to your home? If you haven’t well this article is for you! There are some indoor plants which are said to bring good luck and fortune in our lives! Feng shui or fengshui is the Chinese system of laws governing the […]

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